Free community event for high school and middle school students who know how or want to learn to code while competing for prizes. This event has workshops and sessions to guide beginner students while experienced coders will benefit from the advanced skills track. 

  • Do you want to learn to code?
    • The Code-a-Thon is the place to start in learning to code with trained professions. Bring your computer and a willingness to try new things.
  • Are you eager to explore new technology?
    • Our sessions and workshops are led by tech professionals and teachers. Program Alexa, experiment with drones, or run a robot through a race course. 
  • Are you ready to put your knowledge to the test and win prizes? 
    • The Code-a-thon has sessions and a competition that will stretch your knowledge.
  • Still have questions, contact us

Registration deadline March 15!

march 30, 2019
9AM to 9PM

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Code Loudoun's Code-a-thon is a free event thanks to our amazing sponsors. Through services, food, t-shirts, and supplies our sponsors made the 2018 Code-a-thon, the first at PFHS, an incredible success. The only disappointment was when we had to turn away students because we didn't have funds to serve more than 100 students.



Now it's 2019 and the planning is underway! The news of our success has spread and interest is strong. This year, we're aiming higher and opening the registration to 200 students. We know we can reach our goal because of you.


This is your opportunity to help develop the next generation of technology industry workers, in your own backyard. With your tax free donation, we can expose and encourage more kids in Loudoun County to learn more and spike their interest in computer science and programming!










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Matt Nowinski

Launch yourself and your trusty robot companion, Sparki, on a space adventure through the famed Kessel Run. Dodge asteroids, black holes, and Imperial Star Destroyers! Can you make it through in 12 parsecs? Does that even make sense? Let the Force (and some Arduino C) be your guide...


Arduino Workshop

Game Building Workshop

Yaroslav Mayewsky

Learn how to program a game from scratch.  We will work in JAVA but the process can be applied to other languages.

PythoN FUN ChallengeS

The Website Building Workshops

gallery/dsc_1040 3-ts1523040272.jpg

Learn how to build a live website using web builder templates and free web hosting account. No HTML or CSS required.

Sanjita Sethi

App Building Workshop

Learn to build cool apps using App Inventor!

2019 Workshops

Getting Started with UX Design

gallery/profile 3

What does a designer do? Designers solve real problems!  In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of UX design while solving a real world problem.

Stephanie Groot

Work on some exciting small challenges in small groups to win prize!

RoboTICS Workshop


XBOTS INSTITUTE makes learning Robotics & STEM ( Science Technology Engineering and Math) a fun, exciting, and enriching activity.  There is no better program than the FIRST Tech Challenge for middle and high school students to get involved.

Learn how to design and program a Robot.  We will teach how FTC Robots work, and show how you can program it in JAVA.


Nagesh Chintada

Cyber Security presentation

Team Building Workshop

Chitra Elango will discuss Cyber Security Awareness and Careers in Cyber Security.

Students will be participating in a workshop focusing on teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, and creativity being focus areas in technology.  The students will get to work on a fun activity in small groups.


David Gillis

Hemanth Setty

Chitra Elango

Fannie Mae Team


gallery/schedule without room assignments

Winner: Mr. A. Bawan. The raffle winner was announced at the award ceremony on March 30, 2019.


  • When Should I Arrive?
    • Please plan to arrive between 9:15 AM and 9:30 AM
  • What is the menu?
    • Lunch
      • Assorted Jersey Mikes sandwiches, Chips, Clementines
    • Dinner
      • Chicken Ziti, Salad, Dessert
    • For kids with allergy/special dietary requirements, we have made alternate arrangements.
    • Please pack for picky eaters!
  • When is pickup time?
    • For middle schoolers, please arrive between 6:15 PM and 6:30 PM for the award ceremony
    • For High school track participants, please arrive between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM
  • Are raffle tickets still available?
    • Yes, raffle tickets will be available to buy when you check-in!
  • What if I have other questions?
    • Email
  • Computing Environment/Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

    - Students are expected to bring their own laptops for Code-A-Thon work.

    - The laptops should be able to connect to the internet via LCPS open internet

    The system requirements for AppInventor Workshop (For Middle School Students) --

    Your computer must meet the following system requirements: Computer and operating system

    Macintosh (with Intel processor): Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6+

    Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7+

    GNU/Linux: Ubuntu 8+, Debian 5+ (Note: GNU/Linux live development is only supported for WiFi connections between computer and Android device.)


    Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher (Note: If you are using Firefox with the NoScript extension, you'll need to turn the extension off.)

    Apple Safari 5.0 or higher

    Google Chrome 4.0 or higher

    App Inventor does not support Microsoft Internet Explorer. Windows users should use Chrome or Firefox

    Nice to have for Appinventor Challenge -- Android one with System 2.3 ("Gingerbread") and SD Card installed

    System Requirements for Website building Workshop (for Middle School Students) --

    - wifi

    - Browser

    Arduino Workshops

    For students taking the Arduino Workshop here are the instructions

    NOTE: Students must install/use Google Chrome!


    Install the Chrome Codebender App:


    Click Add to Chrome

    Click Add App

    Once successfully installed, you will see the Codebender app (a gear icon, with the Earth in the center) listed with your other Chrome apps

    Test access to the Codebender website:


    Click Sign In

    The username is lcpsrobots

    The password is lcpsr0b0ts

    In the password above "0" is a zero!

    Click Login

    Once logged in successfully, you should see something like the screenshot below:

    That's it!


Event Day Questions


March 30, 2019 Event at a Glance!

Students Registered/Waiting Lists/Confirmed/Reconfirmed: 150+

Organizers: Margaret Folkman Robertson, Sanjita Sethi, and Stephanie Groot


Photos:  PFHS PTSO Facebook Page


We are thankful for:  The event required much community support, starting with amazing school administrators and staff at PFHS. Thank you Dr. Wolfe!  We would like to give special thanks to Fannie Mae, our main sponsor! In addition, Fannie Mae sent a team of volunteers our way to help at the registration desk and support classroom activities. They conducted team building sessions and gave cybersecurity session presentation! Thank you Fannie Mae volunteers for the amazing support!


We also want to thank Allwyn Corporation, Fairfax Collegiate (raffle donor) and Jersey Mike's James!


We got so much help from so many! Ms. Michaela Ottenberg, Ms. Molly Rippa, Helen Lin, Judy Schmid, Paula Lawall, and Sandy Richmond - you rock! Our student helpers who helped daylong Anthony Panagides, Zohayr Naveed! Thank you Dana Altarace. Thanks to Isha Liu for designing the T-shirts and logo! Thanks to teachers and workshop conductors - Matt Nowinski, Yaro Mayewsky, Nagesh Chintada, Hemanth Setty, Fred Morrison, and Dave Gillis! Our school building staff led by Mr. Shah. We just couldn't have done the event without help from our community of volunteers and helpers!


Last but not least, thanks to the parents who support their children by sending them to skill building events like this! We hope that their fire of passion for coding was fueled just a little more.